A teacher must sponsor high school students who wish to take part. Teams of one to five students must register online and the teacher sponsor must submit a 60-90 second original video.


  1. The contest is open to all Region 10 students in grades 9-12. Each team will consist of ONE TO FIVE STUDENTS and a TEACHER SPONSOR who will assist the team as needed and be responsible for submitting all contest forms and the video PSA entry. Students can only be on one team. Teachers may sponsor more than one team. 
  2. Entries must be 60-90 seconds (including credits) and only contain original and non-copyrighted material. No copy-written music, branded material, logos, etc., may be used without express written permission from the copyright or trademark holder. Please utilize technology to mask logos or names of corporations that may appear in the video, unless specific permission is granted to use logos or company names.
  3. All team members must not attempt to include or perform video stunts, dangerous situations, or film at dangerous locations during the production of the video. The Teacher Sponsor will guide teams through the planning and filming/submission process, to ensure safety and security for all students involved in the project.
  4. The screening committee reserves the right to disqualify any submission for any reason deemed necessary. Submitted videos will not be eligible if they contain or appear to contain:
    • Profane or obscene material or language
    • Nudity, profanity, or gratuitous violence
    • Endorsement of illegal drug use, alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse, or any other illegal activity
    • Derogatory characterization of any person or group
    • Any copyrighted or trademarked materials without express written consent from the copyright or trademark holder.